Welcome to Circle Seven Drums!

Makers of finely crafted, concert quality, Hybrid Cajon Drums.

C7D is a small family business based in Mt. Shasta, California that invites you to explore new musical territory with an exciting new instrument that forges what you love about the box cajon, the djembe, the congas, and even the warm, bell-like purity of a tongue drum into a melodic, nuanced, responsive and resonant hybrid voice that defines a whole new experience in hand percussion.

Thoughtful design and artisan quality combine with the inspiring sound and feel, delighting all your senses while keeping the footprint low and our habitat intact for future generations.


Praise From the Percussion Community

  • I just got back from a trip to Los Angeles, I took your beautiful drum with me and showed it off. People are going apeshit. It is a work of art and science.
    — Doug York
  • I love it. No complaints at all. The head offers a deep rich low with mellow highs and beautiful rim shots. Every time I take it out people are amazed at the sound and the craftsmanship. Wonderful product.
    — Rev. Will Lauderback
  • It's really something new that nobody has heard before, but that everybody is looking for.
    — Miguel Mesa - Northern California Roots Musician
    — Linda Vivas
  • I have put your drum to use. In many different ways. I think that the sound is amazing, and extremely versatile. What I love the most is that I can make this drums sing in many different ways.
    — Simone Benyacar - Music Director, The Ant Farm
  • This thing is freaking amazing, are you kidding me? There are so many little voices in there.
    — Alex Warren - Expermental Aircraft Pilot and Drummer for the Stark Warren Trio
  • I just got the Drum yesterday. It was worth the wait. It's beautiful! Thank you for sharing your art with me.
    — Vincent Piselli
  • I have never experienced a drum like this before. I have played some of the best drums from all around the world, but this is something special. Nice work.
    — Sal Shiadran - World Percusion Teacher
  • Simply beautiful. The sound is transcendant. The look is amazing. I like the ethics of the company. Good people.
    — Dale H.